8, Jan 2000
Paromitar Ek Din (2000)

Certificate : Duration : 2h 10m Genres : Drama / Family IMDB Rating: 7.6/10 Director : Aparna Sen Storyline : Explores the dual themes of friendship and loneliness. Sanaka and Paromita are mother and daughter-in-law who, despite differences in age, backgrounds and temperaments, build a strong bond together. Budget :₹5,000,000…

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1, Jan 1987
Tania (1987)

Certificate : Duration : Genres : Drama / Romance IMDB Rating: Director : Rama Prasad Chakraborty Storyline : ‘Tania’ is the story of a small girl Tania who lost her father before father. Her mother Bharati, a school teacher brought her up. They stay in a fisherman’s colony where everybody…

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18, Jul 1986
Parinati (1986)

Certificate : Not Rated Duration : 2h 10m Genres : Drama IMDB Rating: Director : Palash Bannerjee Storyline : Dr. Archisman Roy a renowned scientist returns to his country after a long time. He wants to thank Akhilesh Mitra for contributing towards his success. But, Mr. Roy has already expired.…

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1, Jan 1980
Samadhan (1980)

Certificate : Not Rated Duration : 2h 8m Genres : Drama IMDB Rating: 7.3/10 Director : Jayanta Basu Storyline : Before Sujay is able to complete his studies, he is forced to marry Vijaya, a pious lady from his village, by his father. Vijaya was aware that Sujay was not…

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