8, May 1994
Gangster (1994)

Certificate : Duration : Genres : Action / Drama / Thriller IMDB Rating: 5.1/10 Director : Dev Anand Storyline : A priest witness a crime committed by the villain, before the priest could take action,the villain frames the priest and goes to jail. After years when the priest comes out,…

1, Jan 1953
Dharma Pathni (1953)

Certificate : Duration : 1h 46m Genres : Drama IMDB Rating: Director : Ramchandra Thakur Storyline : Shunned shortly after her marriage, a wife is allowed three months to pretend that she is married. Budget : Top Cast : Nirupa Roy, Mahipal, Moti Sagar, Durga Khote, Yashodra Katju, Neeroo, Mona,…

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