2, Mar 1962
Son of India (1962)

Certificate :
Duration : 1h 52m
Genres : Drama
IMDB Rating: 5.3/10
Director : Mehboob Khan
Storyline : Kamla comes from a wealthy family and is the only child. She meets with and falls in love with Kishore, both get married, without approval of Kamla’s dad, and are subsequently parents to Gopal. Shortly thereafter, Kamla finds out that Kishore has never loved her, and had married … Read all
Budget :
Top Cast : Sajid Khan, Kamaljit Singh, Kumkum, Simi Garewal, Jayant, Kumar, Kanhaiyalal Chaturvedi, Lillian, Ruby Mayer, Bakhtawar Singh, Mukri, Murad, Tun Tun, Durga Khote
IMDB URL : https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0232674/?ref_=sr_i_1001

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