10, Dec 1976
Dampati (1976)

Certificate : Not Rated
Duration : 1h 55m
Genres : Drama
IMDB Rating:
Director : Anil Ghosh
Storyline : Charu and Saraj are a married couple who dearly love each other but haven’t been blessed with a child yet. They’re loved by their family and friends and live through the pain of being childless. The story explores the life of the people around them. Will their pain end, or will t… Read all
Budget :
Top Cast : Mala Sinha, Ranjit Mallick, Partho Mukerjee, Mahua Roy Chowdhury, Sulata Chowdhury, Rabi Ghosh, Kali Bannerjee, Satindra Bhattacharya, Tarun Kumar Chatterjee, Paritosh Chowdhury, Indu Devi, Utpal Dutt, Master Gallu, Kajal Gupta, Shilpi Gupta, Purnima Mukherjee, Nilima Pal, Master Partha
IMDB URL : https://www.imdb.com/title/tt1519293/?ref_=sr_i_4282

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