17, Sep 1970
Moojrim (1970)

Certificate :
Duration : 2h 18m
Genres : Action / Crime / Musical
IMDB Rating: 4.4/10
Director : Kewal Misra
Storyline : Gopal is a gold-medalist race-car driver. One day while driving, he witnesses a girl screaming for help atop an under-construction building, he charges up the stairs, gets into a scuffle with two her two assailants, beats them up, and upon seeing that the girl has fled, he leaves… Read all
Budget :
Top Cast : Joy Mukherjee, Kumud Chuggani, Dev Kumar, Jayant, Nishi Kohli, Brahmachari, Hiralal, Rajan Haksar, Kundan, Balwant, Jayshree Talpade, Meenaxi, Rekha Chauhan, Rupali Ganguly, Birbal, Rirkoo, Uma Dutt, Kapila
IMDB URL : https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0374066/?ref_=sr_i_3404